Monday, 19 April 2010

Hellish Weekend

Another weekend gone and what a nice weekend it was weather-wise. The past week has been a bit jumbled as I’ve been trying out my new games. I started Dante’s Inferno, and then tried Darksiders for a bit. Saturday night I completed Dante’s Inferno. Sunday I completed it again after playing through on a new game+ (a new game with my stats from the first play through). Sunday afternoon I tried out Red Faction Guerrilla and I like it, it’s a bit like Borderlands crossed with The Saboteur, I also had a jam on Lego Rock Band. As I’ve yet to try Half Life, I think that will be next, might give that a go tonight.

That’s all I’ve been up to so what about there in the real world? Well if you remember a few weeks ago I posted about a viral website, which was for a game that as yet still remains unknown. As the first message was decoded it was found to mention April Week 2, this turns out was April 9th, when the website was updated. People have already worked out the latest message, which, after a slight spelling mistake lead to a local papers wanted section, which gave a, at first glance, random set of letters with a message “you can find me at the cheeping River. It’s near the Cheering Viper.” It was worked out that the clue for the cipher came from the last sentence. And once the message was decoded gave out co-ordinates for several important land marks, including the white house, the CIA headquarters and NORAD. For more details on the exact details of the latest update check out Move Viral.

But does this actually help us? In Short, No. we are a little closer to working out who though as Bethesda has come forward and publically said that this site is nothing to do with them which leaves COD and Singularity. If I find more information I will up date.

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