Monday, 12 April 2010

Weekend in Rapture

After last week’s poor attempt at a gaming weekend I was determined to make up for it, and as I had purchased Bioshock 2 it was only fair that I worked on that, which I did and completed. I hope to try and get the review up shortly, but I’ll have to do the Last Remnant review first. I also tried the multiplayer as well in the hopes of trying to get all the achievements, and I’ve got to say I actually enjoyed it. Sunday I started again on hard to wrap up the last of the solo achievements and I’m already halfway through again.

On Friday I also placed an order with, as they currently have a sale on. I’ve kinda splashed out some new some old; it’s a bit of a balance. I’ve ordered Dante’s Inferno, Red Faction: GuerillaThe Orange Box and Darksiders. Incidentally that’s also the planned play order as well, although I may have to try each one first! They’ve been dispatched today but I’m hoping to get another night on Bioshock 2 in the hope of finishing on hard before I start the new games. We’ll see though as I don’t fancy taking on 4 big daddy’s and then a big sister especially as I have low ammunition.

I’ve also joined Twitter so feel free to follow me, I’ll update there to let everyone know when new blog posts are done, I’ll also aim to update with game progress as well. My Twitter name is @Gamerpraggers. I’m hopefully going to try and put a feed up on this blog so you can see my tweets if you don’t end up following me.

UPDATE: I've now completed Bioshock 2 on hard, wohoo go me. It wasn't as bas as I thought it would be but I'm glad I had already completed it with our using the Vita-Chambers. The other Solo achievement I had to get was all of the Power to the people stations, I got that one as well. So now I'm all ready for my new games!  

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