Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

So with a 4 day bank holiday weekend you would have thought that for someone like me that would mean long sessions on the Xbox and plenty of gaming, and you would be right. However that wasn't the way it turned out it all started so well . . .

 . . . Thursday night I managed to get to the final boss, so Friday I spent most of the day grinding on Last Remnant in preparation for that fight. I also had one other achievement that I needed to get as well, Guru of the Mystic, which was going to need a lot of patience for. By Friday evening I was almost ready for the final boss. 

Saturday once I had woken up I tried to finish off the last couple of things to be ready for the final boss however it was going to take along time for that, I needed a character to gain a lot more money but there was no easy way for this to happen, so I decided that I would leave it for the time being and I would go and have a crack at the final boss and if he still wiped the floor with me I would try and continue getting this character to learn a special move. 

I was also ready for the final task on the Guru of the Mystic achievement which could be taken care of en-route to the final boss fight, and was. So I was all set everything was in place did I do it? No, I got well and truly whipped. Same goes for the second and third tries, which included a slight reshuffle on my tactics but still no joy. In the end I combined my 4 teams into 2 super teams, one for combat the other for healing, and ended up handing the final boss his ass on a plate, in two turns. 

After a good few sighs of relief I put the game away, it was a hard slog and the grinding was getting boring after a while. I then had to decide what I was going to play next, which is Bioshock 2. I didn't get a chance to play it as I was heading to the cinema with my girlfriend to see Kick-Ass, which is a really good film. We then had dinner after the film before coming home and starting Bioshock 2.

Sunday everything started going wrong, I woke up early with back pain but this soon changed to a pain across my chest which I couldn't shake, and with being in pain concentrating on a game was out of the question. So Sunday was pretty much written off, however I was feeling better in the evening. Today, Monday, I played some more Bioshock, but the pain has returned so I've left the Xbox off this evening.

So yeah not the gaming productive weekend I had hoped for, but I have now finished Last remnant which is a load off my mind. It does now bring the total of games I've maxed out on gamer score up to 23. I hope you had a good Easter weekend as well.

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