Sunday, 13 May 2012

Review: Metro 2033

Metro 2033 is a first person shooter that is based on a supernatural thriller by the same name. It's a Russian book that takes place in the metro tunnels under Moscow, in the aftermath of a nuclear war, that drives the survivors into the tunnel.

You play as Artyom, a young orphan, that was brought up by a stranger that found him one of the tunnels after his mother died. This isn't mentioned in the game but it is in the book. A friend of your uncle comes to visit shortly before disappearing. His last words to you before he leaves are that should he not return in a couple of days then he is to get to a station quite a distance from his own and let the know that he didn't return. On your way things don't go smoothly and you have to make some detours through stations filled with fascists as well as Nazis and that's if you make it between the tunnels as there are rumours that you might not be the only things in the metro.

The game itself is a fairly decent FPS with a range of weaponry that is a little off the norm to make it feel fresh. It also uses some stealth potions, if your going for some of the achievements which does help to switch it up a little bit. Its got a solid campaign as well, it probably took me nearly 15 to 20 hours to get through it and that's with a guide.

One of the refreshing things about this game is that there isn't a difficulty achievement, so you can rock straight in on easy which is what I did. I also rocked through it with a guide so that I could pick up all the achievements as i was wanting to get it off my pile. That being said I did enjoy it. I also don't think I took anything way from the story by ignoring through it with a guide as I had already read the story in the novel.

I would recommend this game if you've read the book, but I would say it was necessary reading. If you like first person shooters and are getting bored with the same old modern warfare setting then definitely get this game, also being on the slightly older side you should probably be able to pick it up fairly cheap.  
Its been announced that there will be a sequel to the game called metro 2033 last light. There is a book called metro 2034 but it's an indirect sequel, which makes sense as the ending of both the book and game don't really leave it open for a direct continuation so it will be interesting to see where they go with it. Below is the trailer for it.

General Update 29: I'm Not Dead! Promise!

It's been a long time since I last posted and I've been busy not just with work but at home as well. I've started baking which has meant even less time on the Xbox, but it's not all bad, as I've still managed to get some games from my pile out of the way. 

So what have I been up to on the Xbox? I've completed Mass Effect 3 to 100% as well as Metro 2033, Skyrim and LA Noire. I really enjoyed Mass Effect 3, it was sad to see the story come to an end but I was satisfied with the ending. I know there was a big kurfuffle about the ending on the internets. I most recently completed Metro 2033, it was good game, I have read the book it was based on, and they are obviously different if the game was to follow the book it wouldn't make a very compelling game, however I'll touch more of that in my review. 

Before I move on to the next game in my pile, which I still can't decide on what its going to be, I thought I would go back and clean up one of the games that hadn't been out in long while. Fable 2, my housemate has the classics edition that contains the all the DLC which also allows me to clear up the last achievement for the main game as well. The thing I notice most is the fact that the game hasn't aged well in my opinion, don't get me wrong though I'm enjoying playing it but the graphics can be a little flakey in some places. 

So I can't decide on my list as to what I'm going to play next, it's either going to be Assassins Creed Revelations, Rage or Ninety-Nine Nights 2. All 3 of which have been started but I'm not sure which it should be. My house mate has also started ACR so if I do work in that well be able to discuss it as we're going through it, I've also got the fourth novel to start as well, which I want to read only after I've finished the story as that's what I've done with the order books in the series. 

The other thing I've been up to is thinking about possibly give the blog a little over haul. This would mean actually spending more time on it, which is party other reason for me putting together another post. I also felt I should, try and get a review done as I've not done one in like forever. I have been meaning to get back into my writing, a while back I picked up some post-it notes so that I could write down blog post ideas, and it has worked as I've got a few ideas written down, I just need to refine them and get them written up. 

And with that I think I shall leave it there, after all these games aren't going to play themselves. Thankfully!