Thursday, 20 May 2010

Gamers Apathy!

I've not actually done much gaming recently mostly because I've not really been in the mind set to do it. I think a lot of it has come from knocking out Dante's Inferno in 4 hours. Don't get me wrong it was still a good game, but  some friends have made comments that have made me think. "Am I getting everything out of these games?"

In my defence Dante's inferno isn't the longest of games, nether was Bioshock 2, but did this take anything away from the game play? In my opinion no, I was still enjoying the story, and in the case of Bioshock 2 was exploring to get everything out of it that I could. I was also looking for the little nods that they were giving to the first game. 

So what about enjoyment? Am I cutting down my enjoyment because I'm running through the games quickly? Now I'm not in anyway thinking "Maybe it's because I'm just so kick ass at gaming?" I know for a fact that I'm not, one look at which achievements I've got on CoD:WaW shows you that I only got halfway through on Veteran difficulty. 

I did manage to get all of the collectables in Dante's Inferno, so in my defence I would say that I have gotten more out of the game than most people. Yes I did use a guide to find some of them but that was only on my second play-through, and it was only a hand full that I had missed.

So where does that leave me? well in my opinion I think that I am getting the most out of what I'm playing. In fact in the case of both Bioshock 2 and Dante's Inferno even Ironman, with each of these games I've played through twice. I don't think that you can only gauge enjoyment on how long you play a game, you also need to think about what you got from the game. 

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