Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend Round Up

Yes I know I've been a little lax on both my twitter and my blog, and no I don't have a good excuse. In fact I even had an entry written about the last bank holiday weekend but it's so out of date that I've scrapped it and started a new post.

I have now fully recovered from my "Gamer's Apathy" and completed Dead Space for the third time. I've even got all of the achievements for it and it is possible to beat the game on Impossible with only the plasma cutter. I've also completed Alan Wake. I've only completed it once so far and it does need another play through but I still need a decent walkthrough for it as there are a couple of achievements that I'm not sure how to get, as well as a list of collectables. One thing I am proud of is that my first play through was on Hard not Normal. Go me!

Hopefully by the end of the week I should be mounted on my steed with my pistol at my side ready to cause some mayhem in the wild west, with Red Dead Redemption.

I will also aim to try and get another post up before the end of the week. Here is a list of what you can hopefully expect from me in the next couple of weeks post wise; 

  • Dante's Inferno - Review
  • Dead Space - Review
  • Alan Wake - Review
  • Bank Holiday Progress

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