Friday, 20 November 2009

Street Racer Elite

So last night I completed the Crackdown ‘Street Racer Elite’ achievement for a whopping 150g. That being said the previous night I did have a massive paddy about not being able to do one the street races against the Agency Race car. However I have now worked out that if I play the races through a couple of times first then I get to know the course a bit better.

So what’s next? Well I have three major achievements that will take a while. There are the ‘Orb Collector’ and ‘Ring Leader’ achievements that will take a while. The other big scoring achievement is to complete each of the time trials on Psychotic difficulty. But I’d rather do these when working through the co-op achievements. If anyone wants to help me out with the Co-op achievements then send me a message on Xbox Live and we’ll sort something out.

Other than that there are a few smaller achievements that won’t take me long to get, then once I have Crackdown completed I’ll probably pick up Naruto: The Broken Bond again. I have already started it but due to a mix up with a swap I wasn’t able to play it for ages. So I guess I’ll pick that back up.

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