Monday, 23 November 2009

Crack-done . . . Mostly!

Over the weekend I got the last few achievements for Crackdown, ‘Orb Hunter’, ‘Ring Leader’, ‘Confiscator’, ‘Flippin’ Crazy’ and ‘Body Armor’. I did have some trouble with the orbs, but that’s only because I missed one while ticking them off, but I got there in the end. This leaves me the co-op achievements, ‘Double Team’, ‘Tag Teamer’ and ‘Pack Rat’, as well as ‘Psych Out’ – complete all Time Trial missions at the Psychotic Difficulty. The only reason I’m saving this one is that I’m hoping to do it in conjunction with the co-op achievements, although if I get desperate for 100g I might go back and try for it.

I’ve resumed my Naruto: The Broken Bond game and working through the story mode. I was going to start again and pick up all the coins marking them off on a map, but I’ve read that I don’t need to as once you’ve completed the story it reveals them all on the map, Good News! However there is the ‘Hokage’ Achievement for reaching Hokage Rank online, worth 0g and you have to beat the number of wins of the current Hokage to gain the achievement.

I also picked up the Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 3. I’m going to play this once I’ve completed Naruto: TBB. I’m going to be going through my saved games first to try and find one near the level/alignment achievements, and then try each of the DLC’s. This should take me up until Christmas but in case that doesn’t work I man splash out on Dragon Age: Origins.

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