Thursday, 12 November 2009

Batman:Arkham Asylum

So last night i finished Batman:Arkham Asylum and as a game goes I really enjoyed it. It looked good and the story was strong as well as the characters. The gadgets were also what we would expect from the worlds greatest detective.

However I still have a few achievements outstanding. mainly the ones for the challenges. A good side line of the game enough to keep interest, but its in these challenges that I start to loose the fan boy glint in my eye. 

There are 2 different modes Predator and Free Flow. In the Predator Challenges you have a range of armed guards you need to take out in specified ways. the Free flow challenges are the complete opposite you have 4 rounds in which to take out an increasing amount of guards, getting more points for better combos to reach specific totals for the medals. 

I prefer the Predator challenges to Free Flow only because i end up getting annoyed when I get hit the once throwing off my 'Flawless Freeflow Fighter' Achievement. And yes I am a sore loser! But the Predator challenges are just as bad the first two are fairly simple and then the game is bar is raised higher and i'm not able to keep up.

The worst thing about this is I know that if I have a break I know i'll loose the "feel" i have for the game and I'll have to start from being really crap again. Which isn't good as i still have the 'Biggest Bang' Achievement to get for completing the story on Hard.

*sigh* Oh well off to the Bat Cave! 

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