Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Review: X-Men Origins:Wolverine

Having seen the film and hearing that this game wasn’t just a movie tie in game I was really interested to play it. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Dude! Where’s my save file, I started and then had a break of about a month or so before I was able to get back into playing it.

Being a Marvel Geek it wasn’t going to take much to convince me the game was good. It looked great and played really well, the story line was easy enough to follow and pretty much built upon what the film had already established. I say built upon as it used its own artistic license to fill in a few of the blanks especially in regards to the Africa mission.

The combat was easy to get to grips with and worked really well, as did the levelling up system. The idea of having special attacks for each type of unit worked well to make the combat varied enough even if I was using the same move. Now I will add here that it wasn’t because the other combos were complicated or hard to pull off, but I found that the old adage KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid, held ground a lot. I mean why pull of complicated combos when a simple 1, 2 will work just as well.

Overall I found the game really enjoyable, in fact the last achievement I had to get was to complete the game on Hard which while not being over the top stupidly hard like some other games I could mention, it was still challenging enough to be called Hard. If you enjoy Marvel or the Wolverine film then do pick this up as it’s a good, fun mauler.


  1. Methinks you should have somewhere on each post a running total of your gamer score points. I see you've got your Gamercard up but it would be fun to see it increase with each post.

  2. hehe, Not sure I wouldn't want people to think that I was showing off! I am thinking about using some form of rating for my reviews but not sure how I should work it. what are your thoughts?