Monday, 1 March 2010

“Busy” Weekend

Another weekend done with and another game completed as well. Friday night I completed X-men Origins: Wolverine on Hard which game me the last Achievement for the 1000G, the review will be up this week so look out for that. I was then able to get back to playing The Saboteur. I must be most of the way through the story now but I know that completing a lot of the free play events will take up a lot of time.

After The Saboteur I have a choice do I play Ghostbusters, Ironman or Dragon Age: Origins? I have started on both Ghostbusters and DA:O but Ironman is a new one. I’m leaning towards Ironman as I’m interested to see what it’s like, but I do know It didn’t get very good reviews.

So what have you been playing recently? Also does anyone know of any other good Marvel games on the Xbox 360?

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