Monday, 18 January 2010

Review: Nintey-Nine Nights

I'll be honest and the only reason I decided to get this game was because it only has 10 achievements but still has the 1000 Gamerscore. However having completed it and getting all the achievements I'm very glad that I did get it.

The story is simple enough although from the first play through the full story isn't revealed in order to find out the whole story you need to complete all of the missions for each of the characters, by doing this you also find out each characters view of the events that unfold.

The combat system is easy enough a weak and a strong attack that you can combine in various ways to pull of combos which get stronger the more you level up. Leveling up is automatic with more combos and more HP/MP gained at each increment. 

As I said above the achievements are fairly easy. 

  • There is one for completing the game with each of the characters. More characters become available after completing the story with certain characters. 
  • One for a secret mission which becomes available after completing the game with each of the characters. 
  • One for maxing out the characters and completing all of their missions again. 
  • One for completing the Secret Character's story line and 
  • One for finishing all missions with an A-Ranking.

For the sake of balance the movement was a little annoying. For example there was no run command so movement was slow, there was a dash button but there wasn't that much difference in speed. The other thing was that for each character you had a separate save file which I'll admit did end up with me deleting a save file for another character.

To sum up, N3 is the game Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom wanted to be, an enjoy able Hack and slash with characters that were easy to understand, a story that was complex enough and achievements that were relatively easy.

If you're looking for something to tide you over until Mass Effect 2 then i would highly recommend you give this ago. There is a free demo available from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace so you can even try before you go and buy it.

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