Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Review: Borderlands

I bought Borderlands on the day of release, and finished it shortly there after however I had a few outstanding achievements to pick up, so I've been back and picked up the last few achievements. So now that I have all the achievements I can review the game.

Borderlands is the carnal off-spring of the first person shooter and the RPG, a Role playing shooter. The game has a good story you're a merc on the planet Pandora and your recruited by a mysterious voice to go looking for the Vault. On the way you'll meet lots of interesting people and find a lot of loot.

I really liked the look of this game, and I wasn't disappointed. The unique graphic style really works for the game and i'm glad they decided to go with it. You get a lot of weapons and ammo, and you get to kill loads of stuff as well. 

The down side to having loads of weapons is that it becomes really difficult to find a better weapon than the one you have. Each weapon has 3 stats fire rate, damage and accuracy. I think i'm just bitter that I couldn't find a better gun. The main story arc stops and starts a bit as well, but there is always plenty of side missions to keep you busy.

Overall if you like shooting stuff and things with a fast pace then go ahead and pick up this game, you won't be disappointed.  

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