Sunday, 24 January 2010

Review: Lego Batman

Batman follows in the footsteps of the previous Lego games. You play as Batman and Robin to begin with but soon unlock some of the villains who have their own episodes. There are 3 Episodes for each of the good and the bad guys, each episode having 5 levels, so there is plenty to do. As with the other Lego games it is strangely addictive, and very enjoyable. 

The thing that really annoyed me about this game was the way the achievements were inconsistent when two people are playing together. Me and My girlfriend were playing with both of us logged in using our own gamer tags. However the but didn't get some of the achievements. For example while playing the first level as the heroes, you get an achievement for smashing all the Street lights, however this only applies to whoever is player 1. We tried to play through it again but with her smashing the street lights but no achievement unlocked. There is also an achievement for finishing an entire chapter, which player 2 would only get if they played all 5 levels through non-stop.  
This essentially meant that Player 2 would then have to play the entire game them selves to get all the achievements. This may have been the same with the other Lego games as this is the first one we've played with two gamertags signed in, but it would have been better if both players had got the achievements.

To sum up, the game is a good romp through Gotham City on both sides of the law. There is plenty to do in the game that helps ensure that a run through of all the achievements isn't dull and repetitive. If you like the previous Lego games, or like just Batman then you will enjoy this as well.

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