Monday, 26 July 2010

General Update 06: From Pacific City to Liberty City and back again

So we come to the end of yet another weekend. I did quite well, I managed to clock up 10 achievements for 170 gamerscore. These were all in Crackdown 2, the other game I played this weekend was GTA IV. I went back to GTA as I have finished everything I can do on my own in Crackdown 2. I've still got some achievements left to get but these are co-op ones that I'm getting my friends to help me with.

GTA IV is still a grind especially as the main achievement I'm looking to get is Liberty City Minute, which is to complete the story in 30 real time hours. as this is the only missable achievement that will require a second play through and considering my distaste for the game I really don't want to have to play it again.

I did watch an Inside Xbox video on the dashboard from Comic Con about Spiderman Shattered Dimensions which, being a massive marvel fan, I am really looking forward to, another reason is one of the dimensions is based in the Noir universe.

I know I forgot to do a Friday LOL for the second week in a row, but work has been crazy busy and when I get in I just want to play games and chill out. So you'll have to forgive me, but to try and make up for it in some way I will try and get a couple of reviews up on the site during the week.

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