Monday, 14 December 2009

Survivor of the Wasteland

I have now completely whored Fallout 3: GOTY. It was good; I was able to play through the entire story again as well as all the DLC. So here is a brief review of the 5 DLC.

The Pitt was ok, the moral ambivalence given at the climax of the mini story was a little confusing as playing as a good character, which I always do, there was no “good Karmic” ending. Considering the rest of the story had a large grounding in moral decisions I was a little put back by the fact that there was no clear moral path, both sides of the story are on rocky ground when it came to choosing a path to go with my character.

Operation Anchorage was pretty much what I was expecting. It was the FPS DLC that it had been claimed to be. While the story gave you some background into what happened before the Great War, it did seem a little detached from the rest of the game, enjoyable none the less.

Point Lookout, again took you away from the capital wasteland and while I only stayed to do the achievement quests there was still a lot of the place I didn’t look around. It was enjoyable but I was glad to be back in the wasteland with the super mutants and radiation.

Broken Steel was a little disappointing in my opinion. As there didn’t seem to be much difference to the wasteland considering that the water was now free from radiation. However I was a bit focused on the climb to the top of my friends list. So I probably didn’t notice the smaller changes.

Mothership Zeta, this was by far my favourite DLC of the five, new weapons, new people and new stories. ***Spoiler Alert *** and a big Star Trek type battle at the End. *** End of Spoiler*** although I did have some trouble with the Alien Archivist achievement as I missed one and I had to start again going through to get all of the recordings.

So there we go my round up of the DLC that came with the Game of the Year edition of Fallout 3.  It was enjoyable to play through again, and there is still more that I can do that I haven’t finished. So there is still some re-playability left in it.

P.S. To Read the spoiler just select the blank area as the text is in white

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