Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel Ultimate alliance 2 follows the secret and civil war story arcs from the Comics, and then throws in an interesting story twist for the final Act. Having read the civil war story in the  Marvel Comics I was happy with the way they handled the story. As you can imagine most of the major players from the first game are back such as iron man, captain America and Col. Fury.

The graphics and story line are much improved over the first game, and the choice of characters should appeal to a wide audience. With the story blurring the lines between good guys and bad guys it also allows for some characters who would typically be called bad guys, for example Venom and Green Goblin.
The combat has remained pretty much the same, with it being simple to get the hang of, but the major attacks that you had in the first game now come in the form of fusions. This allows two of your party to team up and use their abilities together, which in my opinion is a good addition to the game.

The Achievements were fairly straight forward if not a little tedious in places, for example defeating the majority of the bosses on super heroic or legendary difficulty which actually leads me onto my one major peeve of the game, the stats menu. In this menu you can see various stats so you are able to see how far along with an achievement you are. However if you complete a level with our a revival, then that gets marked as done no matter what difficulty you do it on. This can get a little confusing if your first play through was on heroic, and your next was on Legendary.

Overall the improvements to game play and graphics have really bolstered this game, it was enjoyable to play as well as act out one of the more dramatic story arcs of the Marvel universe with only minor issues while going for the full 1000g.You should get this game if you’re into the Marvel Comics or enjoyed the first one.

There is a DLC package out with a few new characters and a few new maps/missions to try along with Gamerscore. I’ve got enough in my back log without having to add anything else to it, so it’s one hold for the moment.

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